About us





PisciSeafood Ltd. is a Chilean company that process and export seafood products of Chile since 1994.


We state that we are producers, although we do not own any processing plant nor any seafood farm, because we finance and buy the raw material (fish and shellfish) directly at the piers and beaches to artisan fishermen, deliver it to the different plants, that use an important part of their production capacity, to process for us. The processing is done per the specifications we request, in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients. The purchasing and processing is done under the supervision of our own personnel. When requested, we produce all packaging materials, printed bags and cases, for both wholesale and retail needs.


Our most important markets are the United States, China, Korea, Japan and Europe (England, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland). The principal products we sell are: Sea Bass, King Crab, Locos, Crab, Mussels, Salmon, Sea Urchin, Octopus and Giant Squid. However, we also sell and are in a position to provide, other different products, such us: Scallops, Surf Clams, Top Shell/Conch, Smelt, Hake (Gayi, Hoki, Southern) and Snow Crab.


The reason to be able to provide this ample variety of products, is based in our flexible operational capacity, financial strength and excellent contacts with the different vendors and suppliers of these products. As important, is our experience and special concern, in selecting processing plants that meet the USA and Europe, hygiene and health standards.


This policy has resulted in satisfied customers, due principally to our offering of excellent products and timely delivery.



When requested, we provide full comprehensive packing services. We produce all packing materials: printed bags, inner boxes and master cases; for both, wholesale and retail needs.

We take pride in meeting the specific needs of our customers by creating value and delivering the products according to their requirements.

All products are exported from Chile with full certification.